Sport Session Planner Memberships

For individual coaches
per year

All the features to create 3D sessions, animate your sessions, and share your Sessions. You also have access to thousands of session plans that you can clone, edit and save into your own library.

Join now
  • Create multi-progression 3D Session Plans
  • Customisable kits, pitch lines, textures and lots more
  • Build sessions based on existing drills
  • Clone sessions
  • Categorise by subject and difficulty level
  • Keep sessions private, or share with other Members
  • 3D Session Viewer
  • Full-screen mode for presentations
  • Use or adapt drills used by pro-club, amateur-club and individual coaches from all over the world
  • Easy to use: coaches can create their first session within a few minutes
  • 3D sessions show the pitch view, angle and zoom to instruct players most effectively
  • Coaches can build sessions from a library of drills and customise them as needed
  • Sessions can be shared in the Public Global library, exported to a web site, e-mailed, shared with friends, printed or projected for 3D interactive demonstrations

Club/Association Membership

Join hundreds of clubs and associations globally who use Sport Session Planner. You will get all the features of SSP, club/association pricing, plus a dedicated account manager who will train you and your coaches in the system. Get in touch now to speak to one of our team about how your club or association can benefit from Sport Session Planner.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Do you offer a free trial?
Although there is no free trial for Sport Session Planner, we are happy to offer you a full money-back guarantee. If Sport Session Planner doesn't meet your needs, simply write to us within seven days asking to cancel. Your subscription will be cancelled and all your subscription fee refunded.
Can I have a demonstration of Sport Session Planner?
For Clubs, we would be very happy to arrange an online demonstration of Sport Session Planner. Please contact enquiries@sportsessionplanner.com and we will schedule a date/ time that works for you. For further information on the Individual Membership please contact enquiries@sportsessionplanner.com and we can answer any questions that you may have regarding the software membership.
Who would want to use Sport Session Planner?
Sport Session Planner is a great tool for coaches of different kinds of team sport.
  • We have created the software to cater for grassroots coaches to elite coaches.
  • We offer our members state-of-the-art 3D Session Planning software, that they can use to generate quick Session Plans with outstanding visuals.
  • We enable our members to be highly organised by saving their Sessions onto their own library and/or onto the public Global Library where there are 1000s of Sessions uploaded from coaches all over the world.
  • Members can also search a library of Session Plans to extend their knowledge of coaching, and view sessions created by some of the world’s top professional coaches.
Where do my sessions save to?
Once you have created your session, you can save your sessions online into your own private session library.
  • You can save sessions into your club library if you are on a club system so that you can share sessions and good practice.
  • You have the option of saving your sessions into the public library to allow other Sport Session Planner members to access your sessions.
  • You can also save your sessions as a PDF file onto your device.
  • If you are a Club Member then you will also have the option of sharing your Session using the TeamSharing Link. This enables you to share your session using a web link via whatsapp, e‑mail or SMS.
What sports does Sport Session Planner support?
Sport Session Planner supports Soccer, Futsal and Field-Hockey. We hope to add other sports in the future.
Is Sport Session Planner available in other languages?
The Sport Session Planner interface can be switched to Spanish. You can write your Session Plans in any language, and search for Sessions by language.
Can I use Sport Session Planner on my Apple iPhone or iPad computer?
You can create, save and share sessions using your Apple iPhone or iPad providing that it is not a very old device!
Can I use Sport Session Planner on my Android Phone or Tablet?
You can create, save and share sessions using any modern Android Phone, or Android Tablet providing it has enough resources. (The cheapest Android tablets may not have enough power.)
I have lost my password, what can I do?
Just follow this link to the Forgotten Password page. You can trigger a password reset e-mail by entering your e-mail address or Sport Session Planner username. When you receive the e-mail, click the link to return to SportSessionPlanner.com and choose a new password.