Sport Session Planner Memberships

Individual Memberships

All the features to create 3D sessions, animate your sessions, and share your Sessions. You also have access to thousands of session plans that you can clone, edit and save into your own library.

Individual Coach

  • Create, save and edit 3D sessions
  • Categorise your sessions
  • SessionBuilderTM
  • Include drills and sessions from the Global Library
  • Share your sessions


Just US$6.25
per month!

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Club Memberships

Please get in touch for a competitive quotation for the SSP Club-System and complete the information below. One of our friendly Business Development Managers will contact you straight away and provide you with further information and organise an optional zoom presentation. Please fill-in the details below, and we will contact you promptly to discuss a Club System which meets your Club's needs.

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Is there a free membership?


Is there a free Membership?

Unfortunately not. Offering free subscriptions to some users would mean charging a higher subscription to other users, or else not investing in the latest session planning technology.

The good news is that individual coaches can use the same session planner as the world's top clubs, for a yearly subscription which works out at just US$6.25 per month for Adult coaches, or US$6.25 per month for Young coaches!

And you can already have a taste of the benefits of subscribing:

  • Click here for a one-minute taster video of SportSessionPlanner
  • Click here to see a video of a session being built
  • Look for the "Sessions" section on the homepage, and click to see one of 14 public sessions, selected daily. Mouseover any drill picture and test-drive the 3D controls.

See the testimonials, browse the on-line brochures or factsheets and we're sure you'll agree that a SportSessionPlanner subscription offers excellent value for money.

Could I have a free trial?

If you're buying a Club Membership, we're happy to set up a 7-day free trial for your Pro-Club, Amateur Club or Educational body. Just get in touch via our Contact Us page, letting us know your details, and your Club name, address and telephone; and we'll set that up for you.

If you're buying an Individual Membership, although we can't offer a free trial, we can offer you a 7-day money back guarantee. If you're not delighted with SportSessionPlanner, let us know within the first 7 days and tell us why; and you'll receive a no quibble refund.