About Us

Our Experience

  • We are a leading sports software company, based in the UK, with sales offices located throughout the world. Formed in 2011 by sports coaches and world class IT specialists, with over 20 years experience, we have grown to be recognised as one of the worlds leading sports software providers, with thousands of users around the globe.
  • Our Award winning software is used by some of the world’s greatest named clubs, professional coaches, and individual coaches of all ages and abilities.

What we provide to our members

  • We offer our Members state of the art 3D session planning software which they use to generate quick sport session plans with outstanding visuals.
  • We enable our members to be highly organised allowing them to save their sessions onto their own session library and/or onto the public Global library where there are thousandsof sessions uploaded from coaches all over the world.
  • We offer Members the opportunity to search a library of session plans to extend their knowledge of coaching and view sessions created by some of the world’s top professional coaches.
  • We have created the world’s first SessionBuilder® & Set-PieceBuilder®. This allows coaches to drag and drop existing drills into a drop-zone and instantly create a session plan.
  • With our outstanding ‘Match Day’ System, coaches can create match day preparation documents such as team-sheets, set-pieces and also analyse their team’s performance.
  • Our members can upload videos and images to each of their sessions to give them a highly professional digital document.
  • Share your sessions via facebook, twitter, e-mail links.
  • Save your sessions digitally into the cloud or as PDF’s and jpgs.
  • We provide Clubs with the opportunity to access the Player Evaluation / Reporting System. This enables coaches to evaluate their players after they have performed in training sessions and matches. Coaches then have the luxury of creating a very informative Instant Report with the click of a button!
  • Our coaching software is used by coaches of all ages and abilities; including some of the biggest professional sports clubs in the world.

Coaches' Voice Partnership

In 2022 we continue to evolve the Sport Session Planner platform, with an exciting new partnership with Coaches’ Voice Academy. With a focus on how and why the best coaches consistently achieve better results, the Coaches’ Voice Academy provides insider access to the strategies, tactics and career journeys of the world’s best football coaches through watch-on-demand coaching courses and masterclasses, webinars and live events. Our partnership gives not only Sport Session Planner members the opportunity to access world class content from Coaches’ Voice but also gives the members of Coaches’ Voice access to our award winning software for session planning.